ASC celebrates 15 years of energy efficiency

Solar energy is one of the main sources of renewable energy. Its role is very important on the path to cleaner economies that protect the environment, improve people’s well-being and ensure the sustainability of companies.

Technological advances have transformed solar energy into one of the most efficient and economical in the renewable sector. This source of energy, in addition to contributing to the sustainability of the planet, attracts investment, generates employment and increases the competitiveness of companies.

At ASC we are pioneers in the production of solar energy through the photovoltaic plant that we have in our facilities.

This type of energy is unlimited and does not pollute, thus contributing to sustainable development.

In total, we produce 135,000kWh / year of renewable energy and avoid a total of 58,000kg of C02 emissions per year.

Even so, every day we continue to work for a more respectful future with the environment.