ASC´s 40th anniversary

American Supply Corporation has been at the service of its customers for 4 decades. It started off in the United States when a French citizen, who was associated with a chain of shoe stores, set up the company to supply these establishments with very innovative materials.

After that, in the ’60s, it expanded into France and then into Italy, Germany, Belgium and Spain.

In 1981, the Spanish head office was opened, which was run by Mr José Antonio Castillo Díaz, the father of the present-day managers, and the owner of 100% of the capital.

Currently, 40 years later, only the Spanish head office still exists, which, after the retirement of Mr José Antonio Castillo Díaz, is now managed by his children: Iago (Internal Management, Production, Material Development), Susana (Administration), and José Antonio (Commercial Management).

In these four decades, ASC has flown the company’s flag very high, growing into other countries and continents, especially in Asia where it has had an office and a showroom in the city of Guangzhou for over 3 years.

The importance of not becoming stagnant and continuing to learn is one of the ever-present secrets to the success of ASC in the fashion and footwear sector. “We live in a world that changes rapidly”- explain the heads of the company – and because of this, it is essential that we pay close attention to the trends to carry on growing and to meet the new needs of our customers. The cornerstones on which the company is founded, which help distinguish it amongst its competitors, are the quality, its speedy response to its customers and the efficiency.

ASC remains stable and reliable as a company on all levels and today they are prepared to deal with any type of unexpected adversity, which is why they guarantee that ASC will carry on in the market thanks to the tremendous support from its customers and because it is a completely healthy company.

Their plans include its continual growth in its sector and to therefore attract increasingly more clients by developing materials and by expanding markets.

Its new finishing factory has recently been inaugurated in Alicante.