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Always striving to innovate, we comply with the most innovative standards when creating our products.


We quickly come up with solutions and answers to satisfy the demands of all our clients to guarantee the most efficient service.


We create fabrics and laminates that are 100% unique and exclusive, which are distinguished for both the design and the quality of the materials and processes.


We operate in many countries and this is how we can satisfy the needs of clients all around the world.

"We have been creating, producing and marketing fabrics for the fashion sector for more than 35 years, always striving to provide our clients with the highest quality products. It is really satisfying to see our materials being used in prestigious international designs"
American Supply Corporation
Since 1980
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Creative Solutions
We keep up-to-date with the latest trends and we add our own unique and original touch to all the products that we supply. This is how we get our fabrics and foils to stand out from the rest.
Always at the forefront of fashion
Innovation is one of the most important values of our work.
At ASC we use the most revolutionary processes and the
latest technology to create fabric and foils
for footwear and leather goods.
Fabrics & foils
For footwear and leather goods.
At ASC we create products that are adapted to the new market trends.
We supply creative solutions for the footwear and leather goods sector.
A differentiating factor at this time of tremendous competitiveness.
Our products are classified into two large groups.



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