Digital printing has revolutionised the fashion world, offering infinite possibilities to develop original and exclusive products for each customer. ASC develops and personalises the designs of each customer in-house, starting out from their ideas or creating personalised designs based on fashion trends. We can print onto different types of fabrics, leather, polyurethane, synthetics and even rigid materials such as methacrylate, wood or glass.

1. Sublimation Printing

This type of printing is carried out by digitally printing onto paper and subsequently transferring it onto fabric. It is ideal for printing on polyester-based fabrics. The wide range of colours, resistance to washing and colour fastness makes it ideal for use on fabrics used in the fashion, decoration and even sports or swimwear sectors.

2. Direct Digital Printing

DDP is a newer type of printing than sublimation printing and consists of pretreating different fabrics or textiles by means of a design generated by graphic design software and printed directly onto the fabric to be printed. This type of finish allows printing on leather, synthetics and both transparent and metallic polyurethane.