Our collection


ASC sells top quality fabrics for the footwear and leather goods sector. It always advocates quality; it immerses us in the latest trends of the fashion sector to provide our clients with the most innovative products. Moreover, at A.S.C., we satisfy the specific needs of each company, coming up with customized products for any client that asks us to produce them.


A.S.C. sells hot stamping foils that can be used to transform leathers and textiles to enhance them and make them look fantastic. There are plenty of finishes that can be obtained, ranging from shiny or metallic to eye-catching effects, such as the holographic or the iridescent look. Our experience in the sector together with the toughest quality control tests, mean that our foils satisfy the demands and the needs of our clients


Over the last 20 years, ASC has endeavoured to integrate different textile finishing services in order to offer our customers a complete service that guarantees the standards of quality, development and service that have characterised our company throughout its life.
To achieve this, we have equipped our facilities with the most advanced machinery and techniques and at the same time we have expanded our production capacity by setting up a finishing plant 10 years ago.