How our collections born?

Do you know how we create our collections? This is a procces that take time and observation. Here you have a little resume about how we work

Step 1. Research

Everything begins a few months before from a rigorous and inspiring observation of reality. Our R&D team works on the search for trends in differents sectors. From this research we obtain the necessary information of the most interesting colors, the most innovative materials and the most sustainable techniques.

Step 2. Development

When ideas have taken shape and definition, it is time to materialize them. At this point, a complete team comes into game. Suppliers, partners, productive and creative team complement each other to give life to the unique fabrics that make up the ASC collections. All of this accompanied by the latest technologies and the most advanced machinery.

Step 3. Application

When we have already developed the materials, we apply them on models / prototypes to observe the final result in footwear, bags and other fashion items. This step is essential as it allows us to see how our fabrics will look in the finished product. This brings trust and inspiration to our clients.

We are already working on our next SS 2022 collection. We will show our proposals soon!