New Chinese branch

At ASC, we have taken a giant leap in our globalisation process with the opening of a new Chinese branch located in the Panyu, district, in close proximity to the city of Guangzhou.

With this new branch, ASC expects to increase its turnover in the giant Asian country while providing a better service to customers from the  national and international markets in the area.

Going forward, we shall be able to distribute our wide range of footwear and leather related fabrics in a much simpler manner throughout Asia, representing a major push for our company and bringing us closer towards our goal of becoming an international trend setter.

Our new Guangzhou branch comprises a total 800 sq. mt. area distributed between 4 storeys. It features a manufacturing plant equipped with a showroom and office space to showcase all our products and latest additions, while the rest of the storeys are dedicated to storage and an area intended to begin production in the short to medium term.

With dozens of customers having already visited our new facilities, it is expected that the new office will bring a lot of new opportunities for growth.