Launching a new environmentally friendly fabric range

During the last quarter of 2019, ASC launched its “Eco Line” fabric range as part of our strong commitment to provide customers with more environmentally friendly options.

This new range comprises two lines of fabric, manufactured from recycled fibres and 100% vegan fabrics respectively. Both lines also include a wide range of colours and patterns.

We are very pleased with the excellent response received for both. And for that reason, we will continue to implement and update them on a regular basis, both in terms of new developments as well as new applications and adding new recycled fibres.

In these regards, we are already preparing our application to achieve the Global Recycled Standard certification, also known as GRS, in order to obtain certification for all our recycled products.

At ASC, we adapt to the market in order to meet the growing demand for environment friendly materials. We are conscious that the challenge of contributing to create a more sustainable fashion industry is in our hands.