Inescop certifies our EcoSuede line with the Vegan seal

Our EcoSuede line has become the first in our range to obtain the “Vegan” certificate, granted by INESCOP (Footwear Technology Center in Spain).

These products have been chemically identified, using infrared spectroscopy, in INESCOP laboratories and has been verified that their main nature does not correspond to fibers of animal origin (specifically fur, leather, silk, wool or down).

EcoSuede is an ecological, comfortable and versatile microfiber range. It is a ultime generation product that stands out for its breathability, lightness and high durability. Thanks to their perspiration and absorbency properties, these products eliminate humidity, odor and improve comfort and hygiene.

ASC’s EcoSuede is washable, making it a perfect item for footwear, leather goods and also for clothing.

They are available in various thicknesses, finishes and colors.